Conditions – Falls Prevention and Aging

Prevent Falls and Improve Function and Balance with physiotherapy! Do you have a history of falls or a risk of future falls due to aging? Symptoms of balance loss and aging can greatly impact your quality of life. Let our physiotherapy team help you prevent falls and improve your overall balance and function.

At our clinics in Thirroul and Woonona, Purpose Physiotherapy has a team of experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologists that are experienced in treating the symptoms of aging. Our approach to helping you is as follows:

  1. Comprehensive assessment to determine both the diagnosis and the root causes (we may use imaging/scans where necessary).
  2. Tests and measurements to ensure we monitor progress and improvements.
  3. Holistic view of your entire body, including posture, alignment, mobility, strength, sleep, stress, nutrition and your nervous system.
  4. Treatment plan that relieves pain and targets the root causes, including massage, joint manipulation, dry-needling, exercise programs (core strength, Pilates and movement retraining) and education. This plan will specifically target your individual goals.
  5. Ongoing prevention options through clinical Pilates and small-group exercise.

By taking this approach, our team will get you not only moving with Purpose, but living with Purpose as well. 

Falls and Aging FAQ's

  • As we age, our balance and mobility can decrease, making us more susceptible to falls. Physiotherapy can help prevent falls by creating customized exercise programs that improve balance, strength, and coordination. We also assess and address any underlying factors that may contribute to falls, such as visual or cognitive impairments, and provide education on fall prevention strategies.
  • Yes, physiotherapy can be very effective in helping individuals recover after a fall. We provide individualised treatment plans that focus on restoring mobility, strength, and function, as well as addressing any underlying issues that may have contributed to the fall. Our goal is to help patients regain their confidence and independence and reduce their risk of future falls.
  • Physiotherapy can help you maintain your mobility and independence as you age by creating personalised exercise programs that address your specific needs and goals. These may include exercises to improve strength, balance, and coordination, as well as strategies for managing chronic conditions that may affect your mobility.
  • We also provide education on adaptive equipment and techniques to help you perform daily activities more safely and efficiently. Our goal is to help you stay active and engaged in the activities you love, while reducing your risk of falls and other injuries.